Asian Voices Radio

Representation in Media for Asian Women

May 11, 2021

On this episode of Asian Voice Radio, Sheena Yap Chan brings attention to the lack of representation for Asian women in media, and what steps need to be taken to bring their stories into the mainstream. In order to represent the experiences and lives of Asian women, all of the stories–whether they are joyful and optimistic, or sometimes tragic–need to be shared so that other community members and future generations can hear that they are not alone and that these experiences do happen for others.

Sheena Yap Chan is an established keynote speaker, podcast host, and life coach. While listening to other shows herself, she realized that there were no stories by Asian women–and there had to be someone who did something to change that. She then took the steps to create her own podcast, which at first featured women of all ethnic backgrounds, until she remembered what she started her podcast first. She then began to focus on hosting Asian women and share their stories, and The Tao of Self Confidence was born.

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