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Jimmy Thai DTM - From Nightmare to American Dream

August 24, 2021

Jimmy Thai escaped Vietnam and went on to become a leading speaker and builder of schools in underprivileged areas. In this episode, Jimmy shares more about his escape and his journey to becoming an outstanding individual.

Jimmy Thai (MSEE, MBA, PMP, DTM) fled Vietnam 15 times, was imprisoned twice, and witnessed police kill his brother. Through determination, he eventually arrived in America as a “Boat People” refugee. With no English, money, or education, he started as a janitor at Miramar community college. 5 years later, he graduated from UCSD with a BSEE degree. He went on to earn MSEE and MBA degrees, then attended Executive Leadership training at Harvard University and Federal Executive Institute. In 2011, he's cracked the “Bamboo Ceiling” as a Vice President for Technology with SAIC – a Fortune500 company with $11 Billion in revenue and 47K employees. His journey illustrates the American Dream, and his story is featured on ABC, San Diego Union Tribune, Time Warner TV, etc.

A frequent speaker on TED Talks, PMI, CIO Vision, ISC conferences in Las Vegas, New York, Washington DC, and international stages, Jimmy’s speaking, coaching, and training provoke your mind, heart, and humor! His 501.c.3 (BaSF) has built 81 schools and bridges in Vietnam, Philippines, Cambodia, and Kenya in 6 years.

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